Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Police in Bellevue, Washington held a press conference today to announce that they’d busted a burglary ring that had stolen somewhere near $3 million worth of stuff from 123 homes in the Seattle-Bellevue area.

Among the victims was Mariners ace Felix Hernandez, whose home was broken into on Nov. 1, 2016. According to the police, one of the burglars was wearing a watch with “King Felix” inscribed on the face when they arrested him.


Another item the police recovered in the bust was a 2000 Yankees World Series ring that they say belongs to Hernandez.

First question: Huh? Second question: Why? Third question: Who?

Unfortunately, media members were not allowed to touch the ring to see the side of it, which should show the name of the player it originally belonged to. We reached out to Hernandez’s representative and asked how it is he came to possess a Yankees World Series ring, but have not heard back yet.


Maybe Hernandez likes collecting memorabilia, though a World Series ring is a bit more fancy than the typical jersey trades that go on throughout the league. Maybe he bought it on eBay or off some going-broke player (Jose Canseco was on that team) or some shit, who knows. When you play for the Mariners, you probably know the ring you buy is the only ring you’ll get.