Photo credit: AP/Frank Franklin II

Chris Christie, a man who lacks charm, wit, or the support of either major political party, went on SNY TV last night to stan for Mets by taking weak-ass shots at the Phillies.


About half of the state he governs roots for the Phillies; although I guess a guy with a record-low 18-percent approval rating isn’t all that worried about further alienating constituents. Aside from that, though, the problem with these takes is that they are ice cold and nowhere near interesting.

“The Phillies suck. Let’s just start with that,” Christie says of a team that finished 71-91 last year. “They’re from Philadelphia. They’re an awful team. They’re an angry, bitter fanbase.” Oh my God, is Chris Christie allowed to say that????

At this point, Christie has no chance of resurrecting his political career. So perhaps it only makes sense for him to practice having mediocre sports opinions very loudly while attempting to distract from the fact that a judge ruled (again) today that the Bridgegate case against Christie has probable cause to move forward.