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Sacramento Kings GM Vlade Divac made a blockbuster trade yesterday, shipping superstar center DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans for a sack of oranges and a Fast & Furious DVD box set. He faced the music and held a press conference this afternoon, during which he revealed that he allowed himself to get owned, passing up a better offer last week before deciding to ship Cousins off. This uncomfortable silence makes me cringe, and it’s a good reminder of how absurd this has all become.


Vlade later said that he was set on trading Boogie, and that he didn’t need Vivek Ranadivé’s blessing to do so (which seems like bullshit given Vivek’s fixation on Buddy Hield). Later in the press conference, a reporter called Vlade out for going back on his apparent promise to Cousins’s agent that he wouldn’t trade him. When pressed about it, Vlade said “You’ll have to talk to them,” then when challenged on that point, he sort of defeatedly shrugged and passed the buck.

The NBA Draft is on June 22.

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