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Yesterday, after much debate and "controversy," the Baltimore Ravens finally traded for Steve McNair. Until McNair's legs fall off — we have Week 8 in the pool — he will take over the starting job for Brian Billick and his Nevermores.

This makes sense for the Titans, of course, who no longer have to deal with their franchise player hanging around providing good advice and wisdom to their No. 1 draft pick. We wouldn't want that. But the saddest part of this is that it means we must say goodbye to the non-stop quarterback party that was Kyle Boller, starting Ravens quarterback. Boller's devotion to the team was famously documented in this photo, one of the earliest and most workmanlike of all drunk quarterback photos.


Here's a tip of the cap to Boller, whose corporate responsibility was so ingrained that he made sure, when photographed while leaving a watering hole piss drunk, to be wearing his team's officially licensed merchandise. That's leadership, folks.

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