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Does This Look Like The Reincarnation Of Lou Gehrig To You?

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You’ve spoken to a toddler, or at least know enough about children to imagine what speaking to a toddler might be like. You understand that a 2-year-old child, because his brain is still developing and he is just starting to experiment with language, is liable to say some dumb things. A toddler might say to you, “Vroom vroom, I am a truck!” or, “The pasghetti noodle is in my brain!” or, “Ninja Turtle lives in the potty!” or, “I used to be a tall baseball player.” Because you are an adult, you would understand such declarations to be nonsense. The same cannot be said for Cathy Byrd.


Byrd seems to have it all: A career in real estate, a family, and the supposed memories of a deceased Baseball Hall of Famer in her child’s mind. Byrd is the author of a new book called The Boy Who Knew Too Much, which is about her son, Christian Haupt, whom Byrd believes is the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig. Prepare yourself before watching the book trailer, which explains Christian’s story through a dramatization:

The trailer shows that Byrd began to suspect her child was in fact the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig after he told her he used to be a “tall baseball player,” and her suspicions were confirmed when he described how he had once died because his “body stopped working.”


Do those facts generally describe the lives and deaths of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, of past baseball players? Yes, but they also kind of describes Lou Gehrig, who was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 36 and died roughly two years later, so Byrd decided to write a book. It’s crazy that out of all the possible dead baseball players, her kid ended up as one of the greats, and not, say, Johnny Dickshot. What, you think her kid is gonna be inhabited by the spirit of some scrub?

If you’d like to know more about Christian’s incredible story, you can visit his mother’s website, where you can also learn all about Christian’s brief run as a YouTube celebrity. The site also explains that Christian, now 8 years old, “no longer has spontaneous recollections of a past life,” but that doesn’t seem to have deterred Cathy Byrd’s quest to turn her kid into Baseball Colton Burpo.

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