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In honor of tomorrow's beginning of the World Cup, and in honor of the T-shirts finally shipping this week, a reader presents us the world's greatest pickup line in all its international glory:

• Dutch: U bent met me, Leer.
• English: You're with me, leather.
• French: Vous etes avec moi, cuir.
• German: Sie sind mit mir, Leder.
• Irish: Ta tu liom, leathair.
• Italian: Sei con me, cuoio.
• Portuguese: Voce e com mim, couro.
• Spanish: Usted esta con mi, cuero.
• Pig Latin: You'reay ithway emay, Eatherlay.
• Swedish Chef: Yuoo're-a veet me-a, Leezeer. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!

"You're With Me, Leather" T-Shirt [Gawker Shop]