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We continue our romp through Group A of the World Cup with our second and final live blog of the week: It's Ecuador vs. Poland.

They're in Gelsenkirchen, wherever that is, and your live blogger — just a day before he heads to Germany himself — is Mike Cardillo, our man with a soccer plan from That's On Point.

Match is about to begin, so after the jump, join Mr. Cardillo for all the live-blogging you could possibly handle. And definitely feel free to leave your own comments or email us with your thoughts as well.

Final: That's that. Ecuador pulls the upset 2-0 over Poland. Party in Quito. The Polish shame continues. DO NOT TALK TO ANY POLISH FRIENDS TODAY. AND BEWARE OF THEIR HOOLIGANS.

Man of the Match: Ausgustin Delgado — set up the first goal. Sealed it with the second. Imense up top. (Runner up: Giovanny Espinoza, great on the back line.)


We'll let you know that Gelsenkirchen is like first hand, when he arrive in Germany on Sunday or Saturday...not quite sure how that time travel stuff works. Adios crew. (We'll try to send some live video from inside the stadiums, god bless camera phones.)

90 mins: Poles hit the woodwork again. They are Poles Apart today. Hi-oh. Here's another, what sound did it make when it hit the post? Krakow!

89 mins: We get a shot of a despondent Polish fan. She looks like she might make some money on the side, if you catch our drift.


85 mins: Poland hits the bar. Ouch. Could mean a lot for goal differential. Group A is tipped on its head.

84 mins: Interesting point by Suppe. How many column inches were written that Ecuador couldn't win away from Quito and the altitude. (myself included.) I suppose there are more than just two teams — Argentina & Brasil — in South America. Excellent job by Ecuador. Totally outclassed the Poles.

80 mins: GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL GOL. Nice like one-two, slipping behind the defense. Delgado bags it on a feed from Kavieces. 2-0 Ecuador. Our first mild shock of the tournament. Great celebration too. Shooting dice. Holla.


78 mins: Poland lies up yet another free kick. It deflects wide. On the enseuing corner kick Poland hits an absolute rocket. It flies too high. That was a definite chance.

72 mins: This game has gotten really stale. Sort of like Steve Rushin's Borscht Belt humor in SI. ... And of course as soon as I type that Ecuador takes a quick shot that Boruc has to go down to stop.

70 mins: Suppe chimes in with an excellent question. What do the Ecuador players do when they're not playing soccer? Go home and read a good book? Oh and there was a yellow card in there. On Mendez, I think.


66 mins: Ecuador captain Hurtado carried off. ..... and now he's back. (And Tommy is pimping for ESPN Mobile and his blog. Quick piece of trivia, Smythe got his start by buying air time in New York to play Irish folk music. Apparently he still does.)

64 mins: Ecuador takes off Tenerio, the goal scorer for a player described by Adrian Healy as, "the joker in the pack."

61 mins: Delgado breaksthrough for Ecaudor. He looses his footing on a challenge from Jop. Apparently Delgado scored just one goal in three seasons in England with Southhampton.


57 mins Smoralek is tackled off the ball. The Ecuador defense is hard and physical. And they apparently think the Gheri curl is still in fashion. Wow. as I type this, they block yet another shot.

55 mins: The way this game is going, the vaunted Polish hooligans are going to have their knives out from Warsaw to Krakow. (FYI, Barry Bonds is sidelined with a "left side" thanks again bottom line.)

53 mins: Good run from the Poles, but the shot is blocked by a sliding defender. And would you believe it, the Poles waste the corner...AGAIN.


51 mins: Ecuador can't afford to pack it in defensively this early. 1-1 doesn't help either team. They need to go for that second. If they play conservatively, the Poles will likely breakthrough a some point.

49 mins:Tommy Symthe with his first WWII reference about six million Poles killed. Way to be upbeat.

48 mins:Wow. Poland smacked a corner kick all the way across the area and out of bounds. Dreadful stuff from the Poles.


Pre-second half: A couple people with comments on why Jerzy Dudek isn't on the Poland team. Its puzzling. He plays for the best club on any Polish player, Liverpool, however he hardly played. He's classic, just flat out goofy. We miss him. Ok, we'll get going...45 minutes away from the best party ever in Quito.

Halftime: Pretty good game. Poland had its chances. Now to go drink paint and listen to former Women's World Cup winner Julie Foudy. Seriously, how can ESPN air a show starring Stephen A. Smith or employ Pedro Gomez AND not find one quality analyst out there. (Allen Hopkins is a step in the right direction.) We'll be back with some kielbasa and pierogies for half No. 2.

45 mins: Poland has another chance but their dour communist roots prohibit any creativity, thus they aren't doing squat.


42 mins: Face Painter Mora whiffs on a corner. The Poles can't do anything. The Polish free kick taking has been awful.

41 mins: Valencia (aka Ron Artest aka Young Michael Jackson) puts a shot right at Boruc. Save.

40 mins A Polish player is mauled on the edge of hte area. No call. The Poles get a tough break.


39 mins: We get a crowd shot of Poles and Ecuadorians cheering together. And they aren't killing each other with truncheons. (BTW, the Indians have released Scott Sauerback, thanks bottom line.)

36 mins: Yellllllllllllllllllllllllllowwwwwwwwwwwwww Card. Smolarek for Poland, on a hard tackle. Wow...Ecuador puts the longfreekick on net. (Right at the keeper)

34 mins: Poland has a defender named "Bak" which is pronounced "Bonk" remember that game? Tubro Grafx 16 anyone? Anyone?


31 mins: Yellow card. Yellow card. Yellow card. Hurtado on a hard challenge. (Poland doesn't do much with the free kick, again.)

30 mins: Don't count out Poland, although they looked shellshocked. They scored a lot of goals in qualifying. How many? I'm just too lazy to look it up.

28 mins: Should be 2-0. Delgado roofs a sitter right in front of the box after a nifty feed from Tenorio. (Translated, it a very easy chance way too hard over the goal)


25 mins: Can ESPN ditch the bottom line for the Cup? Yes, we all need our WNBA updates, but not during these games.


Ecuador scores a pretty nice goal set up from a throw-in. It was chipped into the bock and then Carlos Tenorio puts a head on as helpless keeper Artur Boruc. Somewhere Ivan Putski is weeping.


1-nil to the unfacited South Americans. (We deduct TOP points for the goalie prancing in the box after the score.)

21 mins: Ecuador has its first good chance. The free kick goes a little too deep.

19 mins: So let's get this straight. We have a team speaking Polish playing a team that speaks Spanish with a Japanese referee calling the shots. This has international incident written all over it.


17 mins: As Suppe notes, this is the second time Adrian Healey has mentioned that Ecuador is like the Denver Broncos. The altitude thing. Somewhere soccer purists are cringing. Are the ESPN suits holding him a bayonet point inside the little closet in Bristol they're broadcasting from?

16 mins: Luis Valencia, his hair is dripping like Michael Jackson circa 1983. Terrible.

15 mins: Poland takes an eternity to take a 30 yard free kick. He roofed it. And wasted our valuable time. Thanks pal.


12 mins: They've been talking how if the Cup were played at 8,400+ feet above sea level, the Ecuadorians would win.

11 mins: Poland coach Pawel Jenas, that mean is stern looking. Was he a Communist party operative?

9 mins: Maybe this is why people think soccer is for sissies. The Ecuador keeper has his country's flag painted on both his cheeks. Eisch.


7 mins: It's worth noting that whichever team gets a result here takes a huge step toward advancing out of the group. That's assuming that they both are going to beat Costa Rico, but the Ticos looked downright frisky against the Germans this afternoon.

5 mins: We think, Poland has a player named, "Wackoff," There just might be a joke in there.

4 mins: Tommy Smythe, "I was always under the assumption the ball is round, this one seems rounder." Yike, and we all hate on Dave O'Brien.


2 mins: Well, Poland already has won the game of beautiful women in the stands. And that's all that really matters, right?

Kickoff Hello, Deadspinners. You're looking live at Gelsenkirchen, Germany a big-time coal mining town...about 100 years ago. Think of it as the Pittsburgh of Germany. While it might be dreary, it's home to FC Shalke 04, the people's team..much like the Steelers.. (Added bonus, the sailors from Das Boot were Shalke fans).

Lineups: Poland — GK — Boruc; D: Zellakow, Bascynski, Bak, Jop; Mid: Sobolewski, Smolare, Krynowek, Symkowak; F: Zurawski, Radomski. Ecudaor — GK: Mora Def: Reasco, Espinsoza, Hurtado, de la Cruz Mid: Valencia, Tenorio, Castillo, Mendez F: Delgado, Tenorio


Pregame — Hello Deadspinners. Today we're looking at the second game of the 2006 World Cup Group A play between Poland and Ecuador.

Here's what I said back in February when I wrote a preview for Ecuador.

Worth watching: Even a soccer-phile like myself would find it difficult to watch Ecuador vs. Poland from Gelsenkirchen on June 9, the first day of the tournament. Heavy drinking of "Polish" would need to be invovled.

Oh jeez, was on a one-note song on this? Here I was again in April on Poland.

Worth watching: Meh. The Poles sort of seem like filler, much like the insides of low-grade Kielbasa. (Frankly, even I'm having a tough time getting psyched about Poland/Ecuador or what constitues the inner workings of yummy yummy sausage.)

Well, no Polish here in Cardillo-land, just my faithful attack-cat Percy and Mr. Michael Suppe.

So go grab a cold beverage and a Denver omelette.

And if I start having seizures, its from listening to Julie Foudy and Eric Wynalda the last hour.

Giddy up.