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With all the activity in the world of our St. Louis Cardinals over the last week, one story slipped through the cracks a bit: Terminally tortured "prospect" Rick Ankiel, who is now 26 years old and can hardly be classified a prospect anymore, underwent surgery on his left knee and will miss the rest of this season. Ankiel, as has been well documented, is trying to make it as an outfielder after flaming out from years of wildness, and now that has been postponed for yet another season.

At this point, of course, it seems all over for Ankiel, a sensitive kid whose career has just been doomed by a difficult upbringing, a fragile mental state and the fickle fingers of fate. As we've established, we have always had a soft spot in our heart for Ankiel, and we've never found any amusement in his struggles and foibles. But we will always, irrationally, perhaps, hold out hope. Rick Ankiel is our sad, tragic tale, and we still believe, hope against hope, that it will end up with a happy ending.

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