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Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League for 11 years as of this week, was asked on FS1's First Things First if he believes Colin Kaepernick should have a place on an NFL roster.

Cris Carter told Goodell that as a former player, seeing “someone like Joe Webb get signed as a third-stringer in Buffalo” is “disturbing.” When Carter asked if Goodell is “troubled by Kaepernick not being on an opening day roster,” the commissioner said the NFL is “always about meritocracy and opportunity,” adding that he likes to see “everyone get an opportunity—including Colin—but those are decisions made by football people.”


Carter’s co-host Nick Wright followed up on Goodell’s answer, asking him if, after watching Kaepernick play last year, he believed the quarterback was good enough to make an NFL roster.

Goodell replied: “One thing I do as a commissioner is, I don’t make those decisions. I’m not a football expert.” The commissioner added that he’s a huge fan of the game, but he’s not a “football person.”

Goodell’s full comments can be seen in the video below:

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