When we first saw this, we thought it was an Onion headline. But no, it's for real; Fifa Urges Mexico Coach To Try Nicotine Patch. Ha. Evidently FIFA is a bit miffed that Mexico coach Ricardo Lavolpe lit up a couple of Camels on the sideline during Mexico's 3-1 win over Iran in the World Cup. That's got to be disconcerting to Iran, to be down a goal and seeing the opposing coach enjoying a nice cigarette. And by the way, FIFA promises to clean up that match-fixing problem straight away, as soon as this smoking thing is sorted out. (Yes, yes, we know.)

Contrary to what FIFA thinks, we believe that more coaches should be smoking during games. Pat Riley might try it in Game 3 (pulls out pack, offers one to Shaq as Heat are down by 20). You know that Jim Leyland does it. And we'd love to hear Bobby Knight yell "Where's my %$&#;! ashtray!"

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