In this time of international turmoil and global conflict, it is good to know that there are issues that we can all come together on. President Bush says he never saw a soccer ball as a kid, and now a Saudi cleric says soccer is against Allah.

With regard to the World Cup... Let me ask you, brother Muhammad... May Allah protect your daughter and sons, but imagine that you are about to undergo a surgical operation, and they tell you the doctor is late because he is watching the game. How would you feel?

To his credit, the man interviewing the cleric responded, "Undoubtedly, very bad," which is totally right. The cleric goes on to say, "Will this make you happy on Judgment Day, when you face Allah, or will you wish you had never watched these games?" To which our answer is: "Was the game a US game? Because if so: Yes. We will wish we never watched them."

Saudi Cleric Hates World Cup [Little Green Footballs]