We know you've been worried, but you may now relax your troubled brow; Jim Harrick is coaching again. The 67-year-old Harrick, who was fired at UCLA for falsifying expense reports, and fired at the University of Georgia for various recruiting scandals (for which the Bulldogs are still on probation), will be coaching the expansion Bakersfield Jam next season, as the NBA Development League expands from eight to 12 teams. Harrick, whose son was also booted from UG for a variety of coaching misdeeds, had these things to say about his new gig: "My wife wants me out of the house," and "This will ruin my golf handicap." (Laugh track). We think coaches should be fired just for dragging out moth-eaten quotes like those.

We also think that, perhaps the NBDL, in addition to developing future NBA players, might also want to dabble in developing the next generation of NBA coaches. Or major college, or whatever. What is accomplished by dusting off warped relics like Harrick is beyond us. But then again, it is the Bakersfield Jam. Seems like a fitting last chapter for the H-Man.

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(Oh, and here's a little blast from the past for you.)