This image, put together lovingly by our friends at Bad Idea Blue Jeans, pretty much sums up reaction to Day 2 of the JJ Redick story: Yep, it's still unbridled glee, all around.


But there could be more to this Redick story that we had initially anticipated. At Draft wonk site DraftExpress, they're reporting that Redick will be out an extended period of months with a back injury, which, strangely, would make the DUI the least of Redick's problems. The site quotes a "source with close NBA contacts" saying that Redick cancelled a workout because of his back and that the DUI incident "may have been a direct response to frustration over his possible health issues."

Haven't seen any mainstream confirmation of that, but hey, you know how that goes. Meanwhile, another Redick poem:

"My hopes and dreams shattered
by the miscalculation of my own situation"

Oh: And the whole JJ Redick pees on people thing. Here's Free Darko's claim: "A reliable female undergrad source at Duke has told me that it is a well-known fact that he likes to piss on the ladies. It's pretty much understood if he takes you home." This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing we've ever heard, which probably means it's true.


NBA Source: Redick Out For Several Months With Back Injury [DraftExpress]
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(UPDATE: Hey, look, JJ loves beer pong!)