Well, if you're not quote ready to let go of Carl Monday's investigative brilliance, it appears Carl Monday himself is. On his "blog" over the weekend, Carl cordially requested we let the library report go. He says "response to the reports has practically short-circuited our blog" and blames the uproar on "cyberspace [being] a virtual wonderland for the voyeristic individuals among us." This is absolutely true; Monday's report was, if nothing else, intensely titillating.

Monday also blasts those who tried to sell a T-shirt with the above image; we tried to buy one, but the jerks at Zazzle said it was (get this!) a copyright infringement and wouldn't let us, making us very sad. But Carl would like us to move along, nothing to see here. We're not sure we're ready to do that yet — the library menace has yet to be appropriately pounded down, if you ask us — but neverthless, if he insists ... get away from us, Carl Monday!

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(By the way, a reader sends us Carl doing his Larry King impersonation.)

(Oh, and here's the Clevescene article he's referring to.)