Getting arrested once during an offseason is a mistake. Getting arrested twice labels you a troublemaker. Three times, you're officially an epidemic. But when you're arrested for the fourth time in six months ... aw, now you're just showing off.

This is a roundabout way of saying that Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry got arrested again. The charge this time? Providing alcohol for three underage women in a hotel room in April; one was 18, one was 16, one was 15. It got more complicated after that, too; the 18-year-old accused Henry of raping her. A police investigation ended with the woman confessing the sex with consensual, and a week later, the woman was picked up for prostitution. So she's almost as busy a couple of months as Henry.


So, if you're keeping tabs, that's a marijuana possession charge, an illegal gun-possession charge, a DUI and now providing liquor to a minor. Since December. NFL players have such short careers; it's important to pack in as much as you can, while you can.

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(UPDATE: Henry has plead not guilty and has been ordered by the judge to "avoid contact with alcohol and with minors." You see, it's gotta be a bad sign when a judge gives you those explicit instructions.)