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So The US Open has been on ESPN all day, and that famous golf announcer Chris Berman is at the mic as anchor and occasional lead commentator.

Wait ... what? Chris Berman does golf?

When Chris Berman wants to, Chris Berman most definitely does golf. The occasional "Big Event Cameo" Berman pops in for โ€” US Open, All-Star Game, World Series โ€” always displaces the regular anchor โ€” Scott Van Pelt in this case, but feel free to substitute Karl Ravech or Chris Fowler, when appropriate โ€” and has to just infuriate his fellow anchors. Think about it. Scott Van Pelt anchors golf coverage throughout the year, and once ESPN has coverage of the second biggest tournament ... Berman calls, says, "You're with me, Winged Foot" and Van Pelt's on Eric Dickerson duty. This has to drive Van Pelt crazy.

It's particularly fun to listen Berman try to play catch up with the actual shot-by-shot broadcasters. Someone will make a good shot, the announcer will quietly comment on it, and then Berman will come screaming in with, "Mickelson's going for the MICKELSLAM! He sure didn't DUFF that one!" Ugh. Does the US Open have Spanish language announcers? Maybe?

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