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You probably can't tell from that picture, but the guy in it is a Spain fan who is inexplicably wearing a Spider-man costume. (Oh, by the way: Can any comic book fan out there explain why the hyphen is in there? It's really annoying.) We can't, for the likes of us, figure out what Spain's soccer team has to do with Spider-man, but hey, that's why we merely type on a blog for a living.

Today's final game, the last of the second set of games, is Spain vs. Tunisia. A win for Spain sends them into the field of 16; Tunisia's still hanging around as well.

Your live-blogger? It's David Banfield, a nice enough fellow and an accomplished typist of great renown. Email us with thoughts for David, chime in in the comments and have a Tunisian great time.


Final - Spain rightfully wins 3-1 and go through to 2nd round, Tunisia will need a win and lots of luck to move on. Great game all around. Now I can leave and drink with impunity.

Injury Time - Torres, the most dangerous man on the pitch, breaks through again but fires wide.

Injury Time - Careless tackle from Tunisia sends Ramos to the ground and a yellow card for goal scorer Mnari


90:00 GOAL!!! Torres calmly slots the ball under Boumnijel. Unfair for Boumnijel who has played well and deserves better

89:00 Great run and cross from Raul, Torres is brough down in the box...PENALTY!!!!!

88:00 Fabregas sends through Torres clear but great save from Tunisian goalkeeper keeps it at 2-1.

87:00 Cormac has given up playing poker and is now heavy into the online porn, its starting to get uncomfortable

85:00 Tunisia push forward but are called for offside, Jaziri recieves yellow card for disent, Tunisia attack again and almost create a chance, Spain clears. Spain have dropped back and hope to weather the storm for last 5 mins. Not always a great strategy.

83:00 Spain are playing "keep away" crowd begins the "ole" chant, Tunisia is enraged and hack down Spainish player

81:00 Tunisia wins a corner, but head well over the bar

80:00 Guemamdia recieves a yellow card for unsportsmanlike play after 15 secs, must be a record

78:00 Tunisia bring on Guemambia, Tunisia are immediatly called offside.

76:00 GOAL!!!!! Spain take a well deserved lead from a great through ball to Torres from Fabregas from inside his own half. Torres pushes the ball wide and chips into an open net. Great substitues for Spain, all three take part in both goals.


74:00 Great run and cross from Joaquin sets up Fabregas who is well saved from 15 yrds

73:00 Spain look to dominate lay and take and pile on pressure looking for a winner, Tunisia actaully look to go forward to their credit

70:00 Score one for the old timers, Raul scores from a rebound. Joaquin does all the work squaring the ball for a shot that is well saved by the Tunisian keeper, Raul pounces on rebound to equalize

69:00 Jahidi earns a yellow card for late tackle

68:00 Tommy Smith just gave this profound statement "one swallow doesn't amke a summer and one win doesn't make a world cup" the possibilities are endless


65:00 Tunisia is caught offside, Coach Lemerre is apoplectic not for player being offside but for Tunisia actually venturing outside their own half

64:00 Great through ball to Torres but one cut back to many sees him loose possession, Spain gain possession from clearance but resulting shot from 30 yrds is over the bar

60:00 Tunisia have decided to never venture out of their own half, Spanish bring waves of pressure to no avail. Joaquin looks dangerous down the right flank


59:00 Game seems to be slowing down as Spain hasn't won a corner in several minutes, just so you know, Spain are unbeaten in 23 games

55:00 Doulble switch for Tunisia, seems to be in response to Joaquin coming on. Yahia for Ayari and Ghodhbane for Bouazizi, I put that in for those of you who have Ghodhbane on your fantasy team.

54:00 Torres wins another free kick on the edge of box, high and wide again, Spain is bringing on their 3rd and last sub, Joaquin coming on for Villa who has had a quiet game


53:00 Cormac has given up watching and is now drinking heavily and playing online poker

50:00 Tunisia seem to be playing a 1-1-8 formation with lone midfielder and striker. Spain attack and Tunisia give up another free kick 50 yrds out. Ball is played wide and Tunisia gives another corner. Great punch clearance from Boumnijel

49:00 Spain has won 3 corners in firt 4 min, Tunisia desperate in defence another free kick for Spain which is cleared from Tunisia defence


47:00 Spain win another corner...wasted. Xavi unleashes another long drive but is well saved by Tunisian keeper Boumnijel, subsequent corner wasted.

45:00 Majr changes for Spain Raul (spain's leading scorer) and Fabregas (Spain's youngest ever World Cup Cap) are on hopefully they can take advantage of the numerous chances Spain is likely to get

Half time - Spain dominate possession, win seven corners and 8 free kicks (mny just outside the box) and squander several quality chances. I envision Tunisia desperatly trying to hang on in 2nd Half

Injury Time - Spain win another header par for the course, half ends 1-0 Tunisia

45:00 Heavy rain, may play a role, Spain corner and Torres wins the header ... wide again, kinda like watching Shaq taking freethrows. I imagine thousands of spainairds screaming at TV


43:00 Torres sends a screamer over the bar, attack again with brilliant header from corner kicked, cleared from the line by defender on the post, wasted chances again. Tunisia praying for half time whistle

40:00 Stat sums up first half... Spain dominate Possession, 4-5 free kicks from dangerous spots all result in ... 1 shot on goal

39:00 Trebelsi makes his first mistake, losses possession in his own third of the field resulting in free kick, Need I say it, Spain wide again

38:00 In the first of ESPN endless stats Spain control possession 65% of the time


36:00 Tunisia seem to be content with 1 goal lead, 11 men behind the ball at all times

34:00 Another free kick for Spain 30 yrds out...went for far post, wide again

31:00 Spain counter from poor free kick... Cormac is disgusted with yet anther blown chance heads to fridge for another beer


30:00 Trebelso flys up the right wing and is taken down on the edge of the 18, great play, Chelsea instantly offers him a contract

27:00 Spain again dominating possession again but fail to capitalize, Tunisian counters are less frequent

25:00 Ramos sends a free header from corner high again, Spain is squandering several early chances, Torres beaten to a dangerous through ball Tunisian keeper recovers


22:00 Spain is coached by Aragones who applies to the David Duke school of motivation, once referred to Tierry Henry by a racial slur when trying to motivate his players

21:00 Fernando Torres is sent through on the wing but shoots wide, Torres is one fo the rising stars of Spanish football, the heir apparent to Raul

20:00 The game is beginning to remind me of my sex life, long periods of inactivity followed by brief moments of excitement


17:00 Full back Trabelsi for Tunisia is showing his class...defending well and starting counter, similar to Roberto Carlos

15:00 antoher counter attack from Tunisia, sprawling save from Spain keeper to keep it 1-0.

14:00 Sergio Ramos heads high from great cross

14:00 Free kick to Spain on the edge of the 18...

12:00 Spain threatens and appeal for penaty, Which Tommy Smith agrees, I think he's hard to understand at times, kinda like the Irish John Madden


9:00 Villa free kick from wing is punched away and Tunisia counter attack again, their strategy seems to be to soak up pressure and then counter

7:00 min - Ignore what I just said, Tunisia score on the counter attack,
Mnari scores on his own rebound

Spain dominating possession, but little to show so far.

David Villa rips a 25 yrd shot just wide, he's one to watch, of course if you are reading this you won't be watching anything


Tunisia starting XI - 10 guys you don't know and full back Trabelsi who played for Ajax in champions league

Spain wins an early corner which Luis Garcia heads wide

Probably lineups for today include for Spain Casilillas, Pernia, Puyol, Ramos, Ibanez, Xavi, Garcia, Alonso, Senna, Torres, Villa


Greetings fellow world cup fans, just getting throught the little kids walking out with the players. Always a little creepy if you ask me. Game coming from Stuttgart, which apparently has a great deal of Tunisian support. And now the anthems...