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• The unwritten rules of baseball, written. Had they done this a few days ago, they could've saved Sean Tracey a lot of aggravation. [action-squad]

• And here's why the unwritten rules of baseball don't work for soccer. Rally shin guards, not such a good idea. [Zembla]

• "This Week In Soccer." Mel Allen would be proud. An excellent breakdown of the first week of the World Cup. [A Trivial Pursuit]

• A few words on Ben Roethlisberger and his (former) feelings of invincibility. [The Pink Seats]

• Erik Kuselias receives a highly-coveted Tea Bag award. The award presentation for that one must be awkward. [Words, Words, Words...]


• The best names in the World Cup, all the way from Bastian Schweinsteiger to... Fred. [The Fan's Attic]

• T. Boone Pickens. Great at being a college football booster, perhaps a little lacking in the son-raising department. Happy Fathers Day, T. Boone! [Wizard of Odds]