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I suppose we should talk about something other than soccer at some point here today. How about golf? Alright, golf it is. To be honest, and I know it's terribly unfair to the other golfers involved, but without Tiger Woods present... I can't get all that excited about it (although, to tell the truth, I still can't get excited about anything other than soccer, as Jorge Larrionda has made me finally able to comprehend what drives people to hooliganism).

Anyway, golf. U.S. Open. I've been able to catch the last few holes here, and the leader so far: Winged Foot. No one is under par. Kenneth Ferrie, an Englishmen of whom I have never heard, is atop the leaderboard at +2. But he's tied with the day's biggest story, Phil Mickelson, one of just two guys to go under par for the day. He shot a 1-under 69, and will be in the final pairing tomorrow with Ferrie.

Other names in contender include Colin Montgomerie, who stablized after a brutal +5 through 4 holes start, and Vijay Singh, who shot even par today. Padraig Harrington will be among the last few players to tee off tomorrow, too, despite forgetting how to swing a golf club on the 18th hole. After putting his drive in the rough, his second shot included an inexplicable Pujols-esque step forward with his front foot in the middle of his swing. I've never seen that before. He didn't trip, he didn't slip, he just all the sudden felt the need to take a step. He duffed it, it traveled about 15 feet, and he took a triple bogey 7.

And if you're tuning in tomorrow, here's a great list of things to look for.

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