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Paraguay has been a big disappointment, losing two games 1-0 and already having been eliminated. Meanwhile, the plucky Trinidadians — Toboggans? — look unlikely to make the next round; they need a convincing victory and a blowout loss by Sweden against England. But that's more than perhaps they expected coming in. It's something.

So, it's Trinidad & Tobago vs. Paraguay, in the game running alongside the England game. In other words, please stop by and say hi! We're still here! Our hearts are pure and full of hopeful mirth.

Your live-blogger? Craig Barker, who rocked it out yesterday in the Togo-Switzerland game. He'll be around the whole way, so email them with thoughts, have a good time in the comments and go T&T, oy ... oy ... oy ...


Stoppage Time: We'll have three minutes of stoppage time. It's all over in Koln, England and Sweden draw, England will play Ecuador and Sweden draws the Germans in Munich. Oh, yeah, there's still a game going on here, but really, the ball is just sort of going back and forth, and a punt by Paraguay...Come on Paraguay, you need one more to keep your three or nothing streak alive. Man, this has been a bad day for CONCACAF...Paraguay pushes forward, we'll see a corner for Paraguay....seriously, it's like neither side is even trying any more...Oh, wait, Paraguay is, and they'll have another corner....long ball, and that will be a goal kick for T&T...and we're just waiting for the final whistle, and there's a foul for Parguay, free kick...and there it is, that's the final whistle. Your final score: Paraguay 2, Trinidad and Tobago 0.

I appreciate all of you who stopped by today, I'll be with you one last time for the actual big game between Ukraine and Tunisia on Friday. Have a great week. —CDB

90th minute: And we're just sort of seeing the faces of distraught fans for both sides here. It's kind of sad really.


89th minute: One last sub for Paraguay, it's Caniza out and Da Silva in for Paraguay.

88th minute: OK, I know I am blogging the T&T game, but England's defense was awful on that Swedish shot. Seriously.

87th minute: And so, wait, now...Sweden ties it? T&T looks distraught, they're just sort of playing out the string here.

86th minute: Oh wait, what's this, a Paraguayan counter attack, the shot, and yep, it's 2-0 Paraguay. A lovely effort by Nelson Cuevas, who apparently has Paraguay's most over protective mother.

85th minute: Paraguay setting up a defensive shell. Because you know, they are lead by Gamarra, the man knows shells. Adrian's thrilled with the English effort...

84th minute: T&T resetting. The English are holding up their end of the deal, T&T not so much. But they are still trying, but it's sort of dlowed to a trickle.


83rd minute: Paraguay deciding that, you know, they can score too, but they are then stopped. Paraguay holding in the T&T end.

82nd minute: T&T's offense...So many ideas, so many failures. It's very much like this liveblog.

81st minute: We're into the last ten minutes in Kaiserslauten. This is where Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson comes in and says "Thank you" right? (Sorry, watched a lot of NBA playoff basketball this spring.) Paraguay pushes in, and T&T remembers that they have to play defense. ENGLAND SCORES....Oh, and in this game, Paraguay still holds on, but sends it out for a T&T goal kick.


80th minute: Oh, man, so close, and it just stays in, and again, they reset, and again, no dice. It's like the Paraguayans made sure they installed the sheet of Plexiglass before the half.

79th minute: Gee, T&T is dominating possession in the second half. Good that we have stats that prove what we're seeing with out own eyes. Paraguay with a rare second half counter and now T&T, once again, bring the ball up. It's like they have been on a power play since halftime.

78th minute: Paraguay subs Caceres out and Manzur in. T&T are keeping up the pressure, but there's a goul which will give Paraguay a free kick. Looked like a fair challenge there, but you know, I'm not the ref.


77th minute: T&T again set up and launched just high, nearly hitting crane cam. Hey, good news, we're into the scoring minutes of this World Cup! It was lovely shot, I'll say it was T&T's best chance so far.

76th minute: Kelvin Jack resets the T&T offense. It's amazing that Jack is even available, having jumped off the Tallahatchee bridge...Oh, wait, my back. I guess I don't know Jack.

75th minute: Tommy, you think Paraguay is sitting back a little? Really? T&T pushes up, but nope, too long, Goal kick Paraguay. They're all good ideas, like new Coke or the Edsel or Saks discontinuing their petite section.


74th minute: Dude, Dwight Yorke was hit by a car when he was two and dragged 100 yards and was saved by a Chinese doctor. Does that sound like the set up of a Bill Brasky story? T&T attack, I'll let you guess what happened.

73rd minute: Mahna Mahna, do doo de doo do...OK, T&T on the attack, but Paraguay seriously is swarming to the ball. I know good defense goes under appreciated and Dwight Yorke's shot is long...and wide. Goal kick Paraguay.

72nd minute: Nunez's cross for Paraguay is, well, I don't even know what he was thinking with that one. Goal kick, T&T.


71st minute: Sent in, rejected by Paraguay, Birchall retrieves it, but nope. But it looked really pretty up to the part where he actually tried to score.

70th minute: T&T counterattacks, gets in deep, and well, goal kick Paraguay. It's a boomer, but T&T steals it away and sends it back to Jack to reset.

69th minute: Tommy, I don't need PinP for the England/Sweden game, you're pretty much giving me a running break down. It's like you're not in K-Town, but rather in a studio in Bristol, Connecticut.


68th minute: Free kick T&T, sent in and headed out by Paraguay. Sent back into the T&T, cleared out.

67th minute: From what Tommy just implied, I think it's fair to say that in the T&T soccer world, Russell Lataby is Charles Oakley to Dwight Yorke's Michael Jordan. Oh, and more of the ball between the 18's.

66th minute: Oh no, Wayne Rooney's out, Steven Gerrard is in. See, this is the information I am getting in my game, and I'm watching mine line. And we'll have a straight swap Nelson Valdez out and fan favorite Nelson Cuevas in. And T&T countersubs, sending Whitley out, and 37-year old Russell Lataby in.


65th minute: Paraguay gets the ball out and now they'll have a chance, but the ball is played out and away.

64th minute: Ooh, T&T counter attacks again and crosses, but not much there...the cross is headed out and away by Yorke. It's like T&T wants it so bad and just can't figure out how to put it in the net. The crowd is back in it.

63rd minute: Valdez takes another shot, Kelvin Jack knocks it out. I wonder if Jack knows he can actually catch the ball. The corner kick goes nowhere and it's a goal kick for T&T.


62nd minute: Ooh, great ball and Bobadilla has to fully extend...oh so close for the T&Ters. That was so close, so very close. If T&T had taken two more seconds, they could have had a great second shot, and now Paraguay counter attacks and a punchout by Jack.

61st minute: You know, even the announcers seem to care way more about Sweden/England than their own game. Can you blame them? Leo Beenhakker also sort of looks like Jimmy Carter if he were a soccer coach.

60th minute: Just mentioning something for the soccer novices out there, (and bless you for giving soccer a shot.) Every time a national side wins a World Cup, they are allowed to put a star above their national teams' crest on their uniform. For instance, here we see England's one star (for 1966), France's one star (for 1998), the three stars for Italy (representing Azurri triumphs in 1934, 1938, and 1982), Germany's three stars (for the FRG's triumphs in 1954, 1974, and 1990) and Brazil's five stars. For as triumphant as Brazil has been, it does still have some work to do, however, if they ever want to incorporate their flag's design into the star motif.


Throw in by Paraguay near midfield, knocked out, now throw-in by T&T, who collect and reset.

59th minute: Long kick by Jack, reeling in by Paraguay. You know, I like Adrian and Tommy, because they tell you things about the players like you have been watching soccer forever. It's kind of neat. Anyway, T&T's attack was blunted by yet another nanometer offsides by Stern John.

58th minute: Corner kick for Paraguay, and while T&T can't win the ball in the area, the ball is headed harmlessly out for a goal kick for T&T. Pushed forward again, and again Paraguay counters. I wish I had something more to tell you, but darn it, it's pretty much that.


57th minute: Dude, a bad throw in. What is this, AYSO? And how come no one professionally ever does the flipping throwin. Oh, now we see the bad throw in is the travelling of international soccer.

56th minute: Now, Apparently Sweden has hit the woodwork TWICE since they scored. Too long for Paraguay, throw in for T&T. A capacity crowd in "Soccertown".

55th minute: T&T again with an aggressive push and no finish. Paraguay's counter leads to a long shot which is easily met by Jack.


54th minute: T&T is still resetting, countering, setting up, but it genuinely feels like Paraguay has two men back for every one for T&T. Offsides for T&T. Paraguay resets...and now, do we have a booking? Yes we do, Dos Santos earns a yello for Paraguay.

53rd minute: Paraguayan throw in leads to a Paraguayan free kick. Paraguay is doing well here if they want to go home with three points. They're playing smart football to hold the lead.

52nd minute: Paraguay's rush is blunted and T&T AGAIN counter attacks. It's really a nice thing to see, but again, Paraguay's defense holds much stronger.


51st minute: In arbitration ending the War of the Triple Alliance, U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes awarded the Chaco region to Paraguay rather than Argentina. That decision made Hayes a Paraguayan hero and saw both a city and a department named in his honor.

A free kick sent in to the box, chaos ensues, and the result is a T&T foul on Bobadilla which will see Paraguay with a free kick.

50th minute: T&T are really making an effort here, they are putting good pressure on the Paraguayans, but not able to finish. Hard challenge by Paraguay, and now a throw in for them.


49th minute: Paraguay's set up leads to a quick T&T counter down the line, but well defended and a throw in for T&T. Sent back and now setting up again. Crossed into the box, again well defended.

48th minute: Our Wisconsin by way of Mr. Jefferson's University office checks in:

Fun fact on both Trinidad and Paraguay: both nations, with only one competing brewery each, took home silver medals at the 2006 World Beer Cup, held earlier this year in Germany.


Goal kick Paraguay sent deep, but T&T defends and a throw in for the Soca Warriors. Free kick Paraguay at midfield. Wow, Sweden's goal was the 2000th in World Cup Finals history. Neat.

47th minute: A T&T foul gives us a Paraguayan free kick...into the box and well defended by T&T. Word for Koln, Sweden has tied it, and a gorgeous rush by T&T and it is all....for naught as they cannot finish.

46th minute: Fritz-Walter Stadion is named for Fritz Walter, the captain of Germany's 1954 Cup winning side. Tommy has told us that T&T needs to get back into this one goal at a time. Good to know. Throw in deep for Paraguay, but nothing doing and T&T will have an offside free kick.


End of Halftime: You know, I've been watching way too much World Cup when CBC mentions that he thinks that the G in the AIG commercial is committing a hand-ball infraction in the commercial, and I am loathe to disagree.

Better know a World Cup host city: Kaiserslautern: "On March 20, 1945, as the last of Bradley's 1st Army crossed the Rhine at Remagen, the US 80th Division, 319th Infantry (part of Patton's 3rd Army) seized Kaiserslautern without resistance." Now home to almost 100,000 people, and nearly 30,000 NATO military personnel and their families, Kaiserslautern received its name from the favorite hunting retreat of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa who ruled the Holy Roman Empire from 1155 until 1190. Oh, and they have a fish on their coat of arms.

Halftime: OK, I'm an idiot. Aaron Ward had the first goal last night, not the second goal, meaning that Frantisek Kaberle got the Cup winner. My bad and my thanks to my research staff for the smack upside the head. The literal smack.


So we go with a better piece of trivia they dug up: Michigan State's Rod Brind'Amour becomes the first U.S. collegian to be a captain of a Stanley Cup winning team.

Stoppage Time: We'll have three minutes and now a corner for Paraguay and it's off the line with some wonderful defense by T&T, but now the Soca Warriors will try to make one last push in the first half. Paraguay steals and counters and its offsides. Foul deep for T&T, Paraguay with the free kick and Paraguay looks for one last attack in the half, but no dice. And that's the half.

45th minute: A foul gives T&T a free kick. Sancho is booked...yellow for him. Ooh, nasty elbow to the throat. Nunez deep, and Kelvin Jack with an exceptional save to keep T&T down just 1-0.


44th minute: Now Paraguay pushes in and T&T sends it out for a throw-in. Save by Kelvin Jack and he puts it on the ground for the kick out.

43rd minute: It looks like we're seeing the sides playing out the clock until half, just sort of back and forth across the midfield line.

42nd minute: Now T&T resets and does nothing with it. Paraguay's counterattack sees Santa Cruz put it across the six yard box, but it goes wide.


41st minute: Goal kick for Paraguay. Played long and Paraguay can do nothing with it.

40th minute: It looks like Evans Wise wil be coming on for Cornell Glen, who was taken off on a stretcher.

39th minute: Ooh, and now a slide tackle by Gamarra takes out Cornell Glen, no actually, Glen was eaten by the turf monster, and believe me, it looks painful. Very painful. Oh that's right, L.A. does have a derby now with Galaxy and Chivas.


38th minute: The game has picked back up and now the Soca Warriors look to do something, and Birchall shoots long, but wide. Paraguay resets, and T&T counters.

37th minute: Free kick in the defensive side for Paraguay, and now they reset the rush. Paraguay really knocking at the door, but T&T counters.

36th minute: Wow, that was a pretty goal for England...Oh, and over here, the Paraguayan rush was knocked away by the leg of Jack, now Paraguay counters again and we have another goal...or do we...oh, called back as being offsides. What a bummer. It was indeed offsides, but wow, it was close.


35th minute: Paraguay setting up just outside the 18 and the long cross is easily handled by Kelvin Jack.

34th minute: Paraguay on the move and, yeah, it's again the soccer version of four corners. Another Paraguayan rush is met with an easy pick up.

33rd minute: We're holding again in the midfield as Paraguay looks to reset, but their organization is lacking. Ball drops in deep and T&T will look to reset.


32nd minute: The free kick is interesting, and close, but nothing doing. And now we have a goal for England, they're up 1-0.

31st minute: We've got a free kick for T&T long, and it's still 0-0 England/Sweden. And now a sub for T&T as Avery John goes out and is replaced by Jones.

30th minute: Once again, we're seeing a lot of action in the midfield, but it's very disorganized, and now T&T counters, and there's a booking, a yellow for Paredes of Paraguay.


29th minute: T&T coach Leo Beenhakker has yet to win a game as a World Cup coach. Wow, bummer....Paraguay on the counter, and T&T defends, looking to push forward, but it drops in harmlessly for a throw out by Bobadilla.

28th minute: Midfield throw in for T&T and now, they look to attack. Paraguay has already dropped back into a defensive front, and Stern John is just offside.

27th minute: Famous people from the competing countries: Paraguay boasts E! Wild On hostess Cindy Taylor (SFW) and our CBC mentions that Alejandra Amarilla, Steve Nash's wife, is of Paraguayan birth (look, if someone can find a picture, please, by all means, my research came up empty), while Trinidad counters with Nobel Prize-winning author, V. S. Naipaul and Haddaway. Yes, the artist behind "What is Love?" from the Roxbury Guys sketch?

Goal kick for T&T...

26th minute: Paraguay playing with much more spirit now. The own goal was credited for/against Sancho and now Paraguay with a corner, but it goes out long and mostly harmless, cleared out by Stern John.


25th minute: Oh and here's the free kick for Paraguay...and it's in for a 1-0 lead. And the question is now, is it an own goal. Oh, man, it was beautiful service by the Paraguayans and it just goes off both of the heads of the T&T defenders.

24th minute: T&T goal kick played deep, but nothing doing, Paraguay counters and their attacker falls down. Trinidad has a team in their league called "Joe Public". And you can't not love this island nation.

23rd minute: Delivered in between the T&T defenders, but it's a header high, goal kick T&T.


22nd minute: A thanks to Bobby America yesterday for reminding me about "Three Lions", the English Euro '96 anthem, and the basis for a part of my History 321 final paper on "Post-War Britain and Football: Reflections on a National Identity Crisis." Look at the lyrics closely for the '96 version and it's very clear just how manic England is about its utter inability to finish in a World Cup. And yet, the song is so damn peppy, you can't help but be optimistic. Cool Britannia indeed. Oh, and to make this segue actually work: In Cologne, it's a all even at zeroes.

We'll have a T&T free kick up and Jack takes it, booming on just shy of the opposing 18...OK, Kelvin Jack looks like old school Chris Osgood, wandering way away from his line and nearly paying the price.


21st minute: Goal kick long for T&T and there's a foul, and Paraguay has another man down, although in this case, he did get an elbow in the eye, oh wait, amazing recovery.

20th minute: Ball back to Jack, who plays a short reset and now T&T will counter attacks, looking to set up outside the box, but it takes too long to develop and Paraguay is able to rush to the defense. Paraguay's throw is played out long and now Santa Cruz sends a cross off the end line...nope, it was out and it'll be a goal kick for T&T

19th minute: I'd be remiss, as a vexillologic geek, to not make mention of Paraguay's flag, the only two-sided national flag in the world. it could also serve to explain why Paraguay has different fronts of their jerseys than backs...


Avery John with the throw-in, and the Paraguayans play it in deep, but T&T clears the ball out to mid, along the side, and it goes out.

18th minute: T&T counter attacks off the goalie's service, and they send it out deep for a Paraguay throw. Paraguay push forward.

17th minute: Paraguay is countering, but the ball rolls harmlessly to Mr. Jack.

16th minute: Paraguay has another man down. Paraguay throws in and T&T takes control in the midfield.


15th minute: You know, as I mentioned in my liveblog yesterday, I'll be going to my tenth high school reunion here in Michigan this summer, and sadly, I won't have anything as cool to say as "I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork. How've you been?" Nor do I have a secretary this efficient.

In football action, it's just again, back and forth in the midfield. There's not a whole lot of anything, and despite the theatrics, T&T earns a free kick about 45 yards out. And it's punched out wide by Bobadilla.

14th minute: Paraguay controls the midfield but T&T counters and now tries to play it in. It's like both sides have a lot of good ideas, but no way of implimenting them. No sub yet for Caceres. Valdez limps off for Paraguay.


13th minute: Yorke plays the corner short, and Paraguay sniffs it out. Paraguay will bring it back up.

12th minute: Hockey interlude (because like a well-prepared soccer side, I, too, practice my set pieces): Though its already been mentioned a number of times, to fans of the Whale out there, congrats to "your team" (especially since I live a few miles from the home of the only remaining Whalers team), and remember, though North Carolina may have stolen your team and its Brass Bonanza, you still have their copy of the Bill of Rights...oh wait, no you don't.

Similarly, mad Michigan hockey props go out to Aaron Ward, the first Wolverine to score a Stanley Cup-winning goal. You should not confuse this Aaron Ward with this Aaron Ward, or this Aaron Ward.

(Update: No, he didn't. I'm an idiot...see the correction at halftime.)

Caceres has been helped off, so Paraguay will play with ten for now. Dwight Yorke sets up on the free kick and its sent wide off the head of the Paraguayan defender, earning T&T a corner.


11th minute: Foul by Paraguay will earn a free kick for T&T in the middle of the Paraguayan end, and now we're seeing that Caceres may be hurt.

10th minute: Our Canadian bureau chief (CBC) checks in...
Separated at Birth?: T&T head coach Leo Beenhakker and Rev. Billy Graham.

Oh, and while I laid it out above, we may need a former NASA intern to explain the advancement possibilities for Group B. T&T still pushing, but Paraguay defends well.


9th minute: The header off the corner again goes just wide, and Tommy claims that the chickens will come home to roost if T&T don't start playing better defense. No argument here.

8th minute: Paraguay resets and some confusion in the T&T defense, now Paraguay works deep and comes back to mid. There really is a good flow to this game thus far. Corner kick Paraguay.

7th minute: The free kick goes into the box, drops back out off the header and after Gamarra (who will save the children) heads it out, Whitley sends one just high. Free kick for T&T at the half.


6th minute: Yahoo notes that "These two teams have played twice previously, with the matches happening within three days of each other in 1989. Both games were friendlies, and both ended in draws: 2-2 on March 19 and 1-1 on March 22." Wow, it's like an old school NHL home-and-home.

Still feeling things out, now T&T push forward as the LA Galaxy's own Cornell Glen gets taken down, which will set up a free kick on the far side of the 18.

5th minute: T&T will earn a free kick. And an exceptional save as Bobadilla denies Cornell Glen, who is starting in this one.


4th minute: You know, I am disappointed that none of the Guaraníes have hair like this man. Or this man.

Paraguay free kick, and again a header inside the area, and it goes out harmlessly for a goal kick.

3rd minute: The corner goes nowhere for Paraguay. Again, we reset.

2nd minute: After their goaless draw with Sweden and 2-0 shutout at the hands of the Three Lions, T&T are still looking for their first ever goal in World Cup Finals play. Meanwhile, Paraguay, in all of their matches, has either scored three goals or none at all in games in World Cup Finals play, with the latter result happening in each of the first two matches in this year's tournament. So basically, if history means anything, we're either in for a scoreless draw or a 3-0 win by Paraguay.


We have a free kick for Paraguay and its sent in and Kelvin Jack knocks the header off the far post for a corner.

1st minute: Oh yeah, it's Adrian and Tommy, if nothing else, I feel better already! Oh and bad news for T&T, Michael Owen hurt himself. T&T in all white, Paraguay in all blue. Paraguay sends a long ball and Kelvin Jack runs out of his box to play the ball, only to remember that he can't play it with his hands.

Pre-Game: For those of you who just tuned in, allow me to recap what just happened on ESPN2. LA Riptide a lot, Chicago Machine a little. And aren't you being too clever by half if you name your lacrosse team the Chicago Machine, or are we going to wake up tomorrow and the Trib will report that dozens of extra goals were found in Machine leaning precincts? (Oh, and I kid you not, I typed "Chicago Machine" into Wikipedia and this article came back to me.)
Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends...well, OK, it ends after ninety minutes and some stoppage time.


Hello again ladies and gentlemen, my name's Craig Barker, and I'll be taking you through the next ninety minutes of action from Fritz-Walter-Stadion in Kaiserslauten, final match of Group B...Trinidad and Tobago facing off against Paraguay. While Paraguay will be headed home regardless of today's result, the Soca Warriors can still advance, but...they need to win, and England needs to beat Sweden, AND T&T need to make up a delta three in goal differential. I also realize that I have the JV game, as most of you will be off watching England/Sweden, so I'll do my best to keep you up to date on the match here.

Oh, and let's just get this out of the way now:
The opinions and information provided in this entry are the sole responsibility of the author. These opinions do not represent the official statements or views of his employer. The author does not condone any illegal behaviors mentioned or hinted at in the entry. Alright, back to the funny.

The Soca Warriors of Trinidad & Tobago are the smallest nation ever to qualify for the World Cup. The CONCACAF side is drawn from a total population of 1.065 million people, or roughly the population of Greater Rochester, New York. Lying just seven miles off the coast of Venezuela, the country also has 21 smaller islands to go along with the two main islands. In one of the more insane things you may read today, the Tartan Army of Scotland is backing T&T in part because of Jason "Rocket" Scotland, a forward who plies his professional trade in the Scottish First Division. Oh, also, the opposition to England doesn't hurt either. Oh, and to appease the masses, here's your gratuitous Trinidad fan shot.


Meanwhile, the Guaraníes of Paraguay are trying to make lemonade out of lemons here, looking to go home with at least a point having fallen to both the English and the Swedes. Two-time Copa America winners (1953 and 1979), the Paraguayans "have qualified for three successive World Cups and established a reputation as a defensively obdurate team." Dude, when Wikipedia drops in a word like obdurate, well, you know they mean business. (Especially since I had to look it up, I'm not ashamed to admit it.) Also, I need to mention a word about former Guaraní netminder José Luis Chilavert. Currently working as a commentator for Univision, Chilavert was a master of free kicks in his career, scoring 62 goals in his professional career, including eight in international play. Oh, and a bit of the crazy man, he was sentenced to six months in a French prison for the use of false documents related to his contract with his French professional side. I wish I could make something like that up. And, the best I could do, thus far, for a Paraguay related fan shot is this picture of Paraguayan forward Nelson Haedo kissing his girlfriend.

I've got my research peeps covering my back and we're once more unto the breach, dear friends. If you were with me yesterday morning, you know I sort of do a bit of stream-of-consciousness, free-flowing rundown, so I hope you'll sit back and enjoy and hey, you might learn something.

We have some special guests with us today, as our Canadian bureau chief and his lovely wife have joined us and will be dropping some knowledge on you as well.


Referees: It's an Italian crew led by Torino native Roberto Rosetti. An hospital manager by trade, he is a last-minute replacement ref for this Cup and at 6' 3", is also the tournament's tallest referee. You know, for communicating for the ref in the World Cup alone, Esperanto seems like a good idea. I'm sure William Shatner would agree.

National Anthems: The national anthem of Trinidad and Tobago is ""Forged From the Love of Liberty"", a piece originally composed to be the anthem of the West Indies Federation and retained by T&T when it achieved independence on its own in 1962 (wow, on my birthday, cool).

The Paraguayan anthem is "Paraguayos, Républica o muerte!", or "Paraguayans, The Republic or Death!". Wow, I take back everything I said about the bombastic nature of other anthems. Also, because it's not confusing enough, the guys who wrote Paraguay's anthem also wrote Uruguay's anthem "Orientales, la Patria o la tumba!" which translates as "Uruguayans, the Fatherland or Death!". Wow, they really just had one idea and ran with it, sort of a South American BTO.


Starting Lineups: It looks like Trinidad is ignoring the old "dance with the one who brung ya" philosophy, going back to original starter Kelvin Jack in net, replacing Shaka Hislop. T&T will have both Johns, Stern and Avery, available and starting along with captain Dwight Yorke and supersub Cornell Glen. Paraguay lands on Aldo Bobadilla in net, captain Carlos Gamarra anchoring the back, and forward Nelson Valdez, who has ten shots to lead Paraguay in this World Cup.