Fans who attended the KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon in Slovakia last weekend got to see Kenyan Reuben Kiprop Kerio take home the win. More importantly, they got to see tenth-place finisher Jozef Urban‚Äôs dick and balls greet the morning sun and jounce vigorously through the last few meters of the race fully exposed to God and everyone.

Urban, perhaps aided by more favorable crotch aerodynamics over the final stretch of his race, notched a personal best and took 27 seconds off his previous fastest marathon time. The KoŇ°ice Peace Marathon boasts that it‚Äôs the oldest marathon in Europe, and in that context Urban‚Äôs last few meters work not just as NSFW physical comedy but as a tribute to the true original marathon, which Phillipides probably ran in the nude.

[Canadian Running]

h/t Michael Doyle