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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Come Show Us Your Good Dogs

Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images
Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images

Sure, there’s the National Dog Show. But let’s be honest. You, dear Deadspin reader, probably also have a dog. And while it might not be some fancy breed, and you probably have no idea what it’s lineage is, and it definitely doesn’t walk in a perfect line, it is still a very good dog. Possibly, a great dog. And unlike your family, it really does love you unconditionally.


So please take some time today to participate in the First Annual Deadspin Thanksgiving Day Dog Show. Bring us your best, your brightest, and definitely the fluffiest you’ve got in the comments. My mom, an avid National Dog Show watcher, will pick a winner. She is a truly wonderful person, and will probably pick all of you, but try your best anyway.

[h/t to ScientificNatureoftheWhammy, who suggested this last year]

Senior editor at Deadspin

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