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What Our Parents Thought Of Deadspin In 2017

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The writers at Deadspin asked their moms and dads what they thought of the site in 2017. Here are their unedited responses.

Lauren’s mom:

As a huge sports fan, I’ve really enjoyed reading Deadspin since Lauren wrote her first article last year. As a mom, however, it’s been tough to read hate mail directed at my kid. I knew Vin Scully was beloved, but – wow! The abuse directed at Lauren after that post really touched a nerve and got my adrenaline going. The upside came while scrolling through the comments from the regular Deadspin readers, which are always fun to read. By the time I finished those, I was laughing out loud and my blood pressure was back to normal.

I guess I’ll have to get used to the fact that not everyone in the world appreciates Lauren like her mom does.


Ley’s mom:

So not wanting to sound like a freak show and slopping all over you – this year I am most proud that you became the Managing Editor of Deadspin! How can that be, like, aren’t you only nine years old??? Yep, eyes are welling up but I can’t help it even tho I know how much you hate that! So proud of you! So that’s my favorite thing this year.

I’m also really proud how you guys as comrades and as a company were able to stick with it and heads held high after the stupid Peter Thiel assault on the First Amendment, the Constitution and Civilization itself! Keep fighting the good fight, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not entitled to voice your opinion, written or otherwise!

And I like the sports. And the political banter. The dead letter people scare me.

Barry’s mom:

As my son knows, my interest in sports is limited to just a few. But going to the Deadspin website exposes me to so much more.


Emma’s mom:

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Deadspin until Emma told us that she’d be working for them. Now I check it daily. Deadspin is sports with a twist – sometimes funny and sometimes perverse. Where else can I read about a baseball player’s announcement that his immensely fat cat has died? But then there are the articles on Colin Kaepernick, Art Briles, etc. Somehow it all works – except for the curse words. Still not used to seeing that stuff in print. One suggestion – I would appreciate positive articles on the NY Mets in the 2018 season. At least in April.


Patrick’s dad:

I still love the irreverent take on sports and the digging into the dark and smelly underside behind the curtain. It’s fun to compare the homer writing I see in the local paper with the broader view from on high or down low. Always a great way to spend a few minutes to check up on the wide world of sports.


Drew’s mom:

Literally, anything by our boy Drew Magary. Enjoyed seeing him as compere at the Annual Awards Show, and reading his au courant and amusing articles. Loved the one on his new smoker gadget; and the 2017 version of the Hater’s Guide to Wms Sonoma was the best ever. The opening tour of his abode, complete with faux suede loveseat, is priceless. Go, Drew!


Drew’s dad:

I’m not sure what was in deadspin. W-Sonoma? That was good as it has been before. BBQ smoker was good too. You are a regular riot! Dad


Burke’s dad:

I thought Deadspin had a very interesting year, moving a little ways away from just sports to all kinds of other things. The articles were all interesting (again), and the responders/commentors were crazy and hilarious (again)! The Awards Show was also interesting, but I think Tim Burke needs to be featured more in the show. Burke’s Dad


McQuade’s dad:

To me, it’s the best website for versatility and guts, challenging personalities and organizations, cutting through the bullshit. Even if I don’t agree with the talented writers I appreciate the fact they are not afraid to pierce sacred cows and rattle pseudo pedestals. The video clips are unparalleled and wide-ranging. The writers have less cliches than any other website chronicling the same landscape. The commenters are the funniest and most intelligent of the websites. That’s not even close. All other websites could use your commenters as a standard on how to make it effective instead of the usual drivel on sites where two people with different agendas go on and on and it’s not monitored. It just gets clicks. Your clicks are earned.


McQuade’s mom:

You are the only person I read in deadspin. I like your humorous clips but my favorite stuff is when you write from personal experience. Those pieces always ring the most true and in my opinion are your best writing. I don’t like stuff where you use vulgar language. I think you’re a better writer than that. I also like some of the funny comments.


Wagner’s mom:

Deadspin has stretched and broadened my definition of media outlet. I enjoy much of the irreverent humor but I’m greatly frustrated when I am unable to open links included in the articles. It’s okay though, I know it’s either me or my phone, both of which are not too hip! (I have to use either “hip” or “groovy” or my daughter wouldn’t know this feedback is from her mother.)

I really enjoyed the investigative piece on SB Nation and Laura’s tongue-in-cheek article about Christmas gift ideas..there were no bad words in either of these!


Samer’s dad:

As a retired professional and intellectual, my generation enjoyed a different kind of “Media” than Deadspin. Smelling the paper pages of the New York Times and having the black color ink rubs on our fingers and clothes was part of the rituals of getting the latest news and enjoying the knowledge of what’s going on around us in World’s affairs, national and local politics, and sports. Now, as I review the Deadspin site to get the same kind of knowledge, I can see clearly how technology changed our life and learning, of course, with leaps of better tools of technology, color, immediacy, and immense channels leading to endless sources of opinions. I consider all that as the great advancement of our lives, expression, and even, democracy. Deadspin is an excellent part of and source for all that. That said, and as an “old timer” from the “Cronkite” journalism doctrine, I, still, cannot bring myself up to speed with using profane language in your “brand of Journalism” as means of “better” writing or expression, to convey the message and tell the reader a more succinct statement! How can that be considered to be an “advancement” in writing is beyond my understanding?! Though sometimes I try to convince myself that I am backward for thinking so? Of course, it is up to the editor of Deadspin to convince me how much such language will better advance my knowledge?

An hourly dose of sports news is nice. That’s what Deadspin does with excellent efficiency, non-biased, and eloquence and utilizing the latest technology, That is not only my personal opinion and position, but I know that, also, from my friends and other people around me who are fans of different competing sports teams. On the other hand, and as a person who cares about politics and culture, I always wished to have an unbiased political media outlet which currently we lack in this country. I am sick of Fox News on one side and MSNBC on the other victimizing me and tens of millions of Americans every minute of the day telling their audiences what “they like to hear” and calling it “news”! I can see how this will lead to a “truth catastrophy” down the road that will implicate all sides of the media. That’s why I see a great opportunity in this void for Deadspin; a nonbiased objective news media outlet based on the Cronkite doctrine. By suggesting that, I am neither shooting from the hip nor losing my mind. Our current media is on the defensive, already, when Trump accuses them of “fake news”. Not that I agree with Trump’s point of view painting the media with a broad brush, but he hits a sensitive nerve in our existing media because they abused their objectivity of journalism, thus, lost credibility. In the old days, I considered the experiment of the Christian Science Monitor as a good example. Of course, money as a goal corrupted not our politics but our media as well. I am well aware that we’re going on a dangerous limb, here. But why not?! The introduction of FedEx, CNN, Yahoo, Amazon, Google and many others seemed ridiculous and strange, to say the least, at the time. Look where they are now?

In my humble opinion, Deadspin has a good foundation and you are doing a great job. More power to you. Build on it and think big. Both our political parties, traditional media, and the government is run by “old timers” who are clinging to power and desire to have things where they are now. “Change” only happens when we hand power to a younger generation to lead. Your media outlet and staff are young and our hope for a “changed” future. “Do you see what I see”?


Hannah’s dad:

I will think about my response more carefully this year. Last year I was identified as an attorney from my locution.

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