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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Seahawks Players Accosted By Woman: "Get Off Your Fucking Knees"

Illustration for article titled Seahawks Players Accosted By Woman: Get Off Your Fucking Knees
Screenshot: Neiko Thorpe (Twitter)

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Neiko Thorpe took a video of a crazy person who yelled at him and teammate Mike Tyson about their apparent disrespect for the American flag.


The woman, who seems to have a lot of experience angrily asking to speak to a manager, drove up to Thorpe and Tyson outside of what appears to be the Seahawks’ practice facility.


“You guys get on your little fuckin’ knees, and not represent the American flag who made you what you are,” is just one of the many crazy things this woman had to say. She also asserted that her tax dollars somehow go towards Thorpe and Tyson’s salaries. That’s definitely not how taxes work, but believing so is definitely how being a wretched white person in America works.

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