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Sean Miller Says He's Not Yet Desperate Enough To Go To Pitt

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March has not been kind to Sean Miller. The Arizona men’s college basketball coach—who may or may not have been caught on an FBI wiretap arranging to pay DeAndre Ayton $100K—has no recruits coming to Tucson next year, and his squad vacated their bowels against 13-seed Buffalo in the first round of the tournament. With those lowlights and an uncertain future with the Wildcats, Miller would be a natural fit for the recently opened job at Pitt.


Miller played point guard for the Panthers from 1987-92, and if he were to leave Arizona, what better place to restart things than a program that really needs new life? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Tuesday that Miller was “interested” in the job and spoke with athletic director Heather Lyke. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman said, “I think Sean Miller would go to Pittsburgh if Pittsburgh would take him.”

This afternoon, Miller released a short statement that didn’t say much but could be interpreted as Although I’m sweating through my shirt in this crummy situation, I still don’t want to take over a program that just went 8-24:


Nothing about how he’s happy with his current position, though.

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