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Kevin Durant To Referee: "Call The Fucking Foul You Bitch-Ass Motherfucker"

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Screenshot: TNT

Kevin Durant was ejected just before halftime during last night’s game against the Bucks. It was his fifth ejection of the season, and based on audio captured by the TNT broadcast, he prooooobably deserved it.


Late in the second quarter, Durant drove to the hoop and thought he he was fouled. As the possession continued to unfold, Durant walked towards official Tre Maddox and shouted what sounds like, “Yo, you didn’t see that fuckin’ foul?” A beat or two later, after the Warriors had lost possession, Durant went right up to Maddox and yelled, “Call the fucking foul you bitch-ass motherfucker!”

I think we can all agree that NBA referees generally need to chill out with the techs and ejections, and that no basketball game is improved by having one of the best players in the world removed from it because he got mad. But, look, man. If you get right in a person’s face and call him a “bitch-ass motherfucker,” you’re tempting fate.

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