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Cam Newton Seems Miffed That Kelvin Benjamin Said He Sucked

Illustration for article titled Cam Newton Seems Miffed That Kelvin Benjamin Said He Sucked

Wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin is about to begin his first full season in Buffalo, after three-and-a-half years with the Carolina Panthers, and one might think that this move up north would be a downgrade for a wideout used to playing with Cam Newton. Josh Allen, A.J. McCarron, and Nathan Peterman are the Bills’ QB options this year, for God’s sake.


But Benjamin doesn’t see it that way. In fact, based on an interview he gave to The Athletic last week, he’s thrilled to get away from Newton, and sees his partnership with the former MVP as a bad break that harmed his career:

I mean, I felt like I would’ve been even more successful if … I don’t know, man … If I would’ve … Looking back on it, I should’ve just been drafted by somebody else. I should’ve never went to Carolina. Truly, I just think Carolina was bad for me. It was a bad fit from the get-go. If you would’ve put me with any other quarterback, let’s be real, you know what I’m saying? Any other accurate quarterback like Rodgers or Eli Manning or Big Ben — anybody! — quarterbacks with knowledge, that know how to place a ball and give you a better chance to catch the ball. It just felt like I wasn’t in that position.


Damn, in just a few sentences, Benjamin fires multiple insults at Newton that would sting just on their own—he lacks knowledge, he’s inaccurate, and Eli Manning would be a preferable QB to play with.

Unsurprisingly, ahead of the Bills’ preseason game with the Panthers on Thursday night, Newton came over to Benjamin, probably to talk about what the hell is so attractive about Eli Manning. Unfortunately, you can’t hear their exchange over the music, but Benjamin turns down a handshake, then tries to walk away as Newton kind of passively-aggressive stalks him with his hands behind his back for about half a minute.

Maybe they were just talking about the Titanic.

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