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Deadlifting Teen Attacked By Raging Meathead Who Couldn't Tolerate "Ego Lifting"

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Nineteen-year-old Charles Lalonde was deadlifting 350 pounds at Buzzfit Gym in Montreal on Aug. 2. Each time his plates hit the mats underneath, they made a dull cla-cla-clang that would not faze a sane person exercising in a gym, as gyms tend be filled with countless such noises and even worse music. Lalonde had been asked by staff to place the mats under the weights to dampen the noise, and he complied, per Buzzfit head of operations Craig Johnson.

But this particular gym contained one particularly mad chud, who confronted Lalonde and, dangerously, kicked the bar out of the teen’s hands mid-lift. “You’re out,” the attacker hollered, ad nauseam. Here’s the video of the incident posted by Lalonde’s weightlifting trainer, Pete Rubish:

“You’re ego-lifting,” the attacker yelled, sounding both irate and somehow on the verge of tears. He pushed Lalonde into a wall and forced him to leave the gym. Rubish said his client “is going to press charges, but I don’t know if he has,” per the Montreal Gazette. Johnson said the deadlift cop was not a Buzzfit employee and has been banned from the facilities. Lalonde has since been offered a free one-year membership to a better gym.


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