Sometimes, it's instructive to look at why some stories go away within minutes of coming out — Peter Gammons' accidental plagarism — and some stories linger indefinitely, like that sticky film that just won't rinse away.

The Ozzie Guillen calling Jay Mariotti a fag story is now nearing a week in the news, and this one keeps being fed by the main protagonists. Guillen is doing his part by mocking sensitivity training, but the real gasoline on the fire is Mariotti, whom, if we didn't know any better, would seem to — no! — be having all kinds of fun with this whole business. As The Big Lead points out, his Sunday column is full of choice tidbits.

• He continues to advocate the random two-week suspension.
• He actually writes the words "less important, he did not apologize to me, which breaks my heart." And it's so try: The owner of a lonely heart is so much better than the owner of a broken heart. (That's right; Jay Mariotti just made us quote Yes.)
• Mariotti says Frank Thomas once told him he "wanted to put a bat up my butt sideways," an image made even more disturbing by the fact that Mariotti recalls it so vividly.
• Mariotti claims Guillen once snuck behind him in the clubhouse and "pretended to have sex with me."


Jay Mariotti's column is reading like a "Penthouse" letter to the men he covers. Yeah, he's not letting this go away.

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(Oh, by the way, Jay's even enlisted his father in this. Sad.)