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Extremely Unchill Giannis Antetokounmpo, To Uncooperative Hoop: "Motherfucker!"

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Giannis Antetokounmpo had a bit of a frustrating performance against the Brooklyn Nets Monday night. Yes, his Bucks beat a playoff team on the road; yes, Giannis personally had one of those beefy box scores where there are positive integers in many columns. Still, in the context of a guy who shoots 58 percent from the floor, and a turn-up-your-difficulty-settings-esque 70 percent from the restricted area, a mere 39 percent shooting performance is both an anomaly and an outrage.

Misses weren’t the only frustration. Here’s Giannis rampaging through and around and over all five Nets players and throwing in a savage dunk, only to have it waived off for being a fraction of a second behind the first quarter buzzer:


Fuck off, stupid clock! Giannis always plays with a white-hot intensity bordering on rage, but he was especially tightly wound against the Nets, probably due to all the misses. By the time the third quarter rolled around, he’d built up quite a lot of angst, a portion of which was cathartically dispelled by calling the rim a “motherfucker” after it had the insolence to refuse entry to what would’ve been an and-one dunk:

The Bucks’ magic number for clinching the top spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs is now two, with four games left to play. Doing so will also clinch the best record in the NBA, and home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. Seems like as soon as they cross that threshold, they should give Giannis a couple days off! And a gift card for a relaxing massage!

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