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Earlier today, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger made his first public appearance — kind of — since his motorcycle accident, showing up at Pittsburgh Steelers headquarters.

He released a statement telling fans he would wear a helmet when on his motorcycle from now on, which is an excellent idea, even if you're a Bengals fan or someone with "psychological problems whose brains never fully developed."


The craziest part about Big Ben's appeararance, according to the fully developed brains at The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is that he showed up to the office covered in a green mask, Michael Jackson's child/Elephant Man style. Steelers coaches said, "they were surprised how good he looked and that the swelling and bruising that was readily apparent in his neck and facial area last week had greatly subsided."

All right: Somebody out there has a picture, right? It's been two weeks, people.

Big Ben Visits Steelers Office [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

(UPDATE: He actually was at Steelers headquarters last week, not today. Our mistake. Sorry.)