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Dodgers Fan Keeps Trying To Catch Foul Balls, Keeps Throwing Food All Over The Damn Place

Screenshot: MLB

The undisputed highlight of last night’s game between the Dodgers and Giants, which ended up a 2-1 victory for San Francisco, was the two-part slapstick routine that one Dodgers fan performed in the stands, much to the detriment of his wallet, his appetite, and all the people around him.


In the top of the second inning, a foul ball was hit towards a Dodgers fan who had seemingly just settled into his seat to enjoy a heaping portion of fries. Those fries ended up scattered on the ground, due to the fan’s dogged pursuit of the foul ball. One inning later, another foul ball was hit toward the same fan, who had since returned to the concessions stand to buy himself some pizza—I suppose he changed his mind about the fries?—which he of course sent flying into the air as he tried to catch yet another souvenir.

No bit of food-related baseball comedy will ever reach the heights of “Here comes the pizza!” but, honestly, this gets pretty close.

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