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Alameda County Sheriff's Office Wants To Charge Raptors Exec Masai Ujiri With Battery [Update]

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Raptors president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri was walking onto the floor Thursday night to celebrate his team’s championship when he appeared to get in some sort of altercation with a cop. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office claimed that Ujiri shoved one of its deputies and nudged him in the face after the deputy asked for his credentials. One day later, police want to charge Ujiri with an actual crime.


Video of the incident only shows the immediate aftermath, as an officer is separated from Ujiri. The team exec is then wrangled by Kyle Lowry and moved toward the court:


The ASCO told USA Today this morning that it will pursue a misdemeanor complaint against Ujiri for battery of a police officer after he allegedly “struck our deputy in the face” when he shoved past him. Spokesperson Ray Kelly said they did not detain Ujiri on the court because they didn’t want to make a spectacle on national TV:

“We decided to take the high road in light of their victory but will submit a report for complaint,” Kelly said. “We’ve got two countries involved in this. It’s not something we wanted to have happen. It didn’t have to go this route.”


The case will now go to the district attorney’s office, which will hopefully decide that this is too embarrassing to take to the mattresses.

Update (3:57 p.m. ET): Wow huge shocker.

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