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In honor of Superman Returns, which opens on Wednesday and is rumored to be pretty good, we pose the question: How is it ruled when a ball is driven underground? (We suspect that this has happened once or twice to Royals' pitchers already this season). If no one can dig it out in time, is it a home run? We may never know, because this issue — Superman No. 66 from September, 1950 — has no actual baseball story inside. Ah, we miss the days when catchers wore their hats inside out and publishing corporations could bait and switch with impunity.

Actually, according to our records, it was in September 1950 that the North Koreans were beginning counterattacks that threw the allies into retreat for the first time during the Korean Confict. But don't you worry about any of that, Superman — you just have fun.

Superman And America's Pastime [SupermanCollectors]