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Notes from a day in baseball:

1. Ortiz On Cloud Nine. It is time now to discuss the studliness of David Ortiz, of whom we can only stand in awe. Ortiz has 13 walkoff hits, including eight walkoff homers, in three seasons with Boston. The latest was his game-winning single in the 12th on Monday as the Crimson Hose won their ninth straight, 8-7 over the Phillies, to maintain a 2 1/2-game lead over the Yankees in the AL East. Now let us speak of Kevin Youkilis' talents as a dancer (pictured, following Ortiz's hit), and hereafter we will speak of it no more.


2. Does This Mean He'll Eventually End Up With The Braves? Meanwhile, in New York (Darth Vader theme here), a disturbing trend is emerging. Yankees broadcast personnel have taken to referring to Jason Giambi as "The Giambino." We must all work together to stop this. Besides, does it count when you hit two home runs against the Braves? Randy Johnson (9-6) wins, Yankees prevail 5-2.

3. Lee Will, Lee Will, Rock You. Both Carlos Lee and Derrek Lee had plenty to say on Monday. The former advised rookie Prince Fielder on how to hit against the Cubs' Greg Maddux, and Fielder responded with two home runs in Milwaukee's 6-0 win (Lee also had a homer). Meanwhile, Derrek Lee, recently returned from the DL, was ripping his Cubs, who have scored one run in the past three games. Seriously, could there be a better time to be a Cubs fan?

4. Boiling Point. Could Joe Milukik's minor league tirade on Sunday mark the beginning of a glorious new era of manergerial eruption in professional baseball? We certainly hope so. Taking the Class Single-A manager's cue on Monday — but not sliding head-first into second base, unfortunately — was Houston's Lance Berkman and manager Phil Garner, who were both tossed by first base umpire C.B. Bucknor during a lengthy argument in Detroit's 10-4 win.

5. A Tale Of Two Cities. Sweet Fancy Moses, when did the Twins get good? And did Joe Mauer make a deal with the biblical beast? Mauer went 4-for-5 with five RBI in Minnesota's 8-2 win over the Dodgers; the Twins' fifth straight victory, and 15th in their past 17 games. Mauer leads the majors with a .377 average.