Screenshot: Major League Soccer (Twitter)

Wayne Rooney has done some cool stuff with D.C. United, in Major League Soccer. He did a lovely free kick goal. He virtually single-handedly dragged the United to the MLS playoffs. An insane two-way highlight from last August was rightly hailed as maybe the best MLS highlight ever. I hereby submit that the goal Rooney scored Wednesday night against Orlando City SC is the best of them all, and is certainly the baddest-ass thing to ever happen in an MLS game. Get a load of this insane, incredible play:

You get the feeling Rooney could hang around in MLS and produce a few just mind-boggling highlights every year for a long, long time. Unfortunately, this incredible goal was immediately wiped out by VAR. I kid! Or do I? In fact, yes, I do. Except when I do not, which could be right now! Unless it’s not. But admit it, now you have no idea, because honestly you would not be surprised either way.