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For skewering of our friend Jay Mariotti, quite frankly, we like to think we take a back seat to no one. Well, excepting perhaps Jay the Joke, a new blog dedicated to, as they put it "uniting Cubs fans and Sox fans through a common hatred of Jay Mariotti." And in so doing, does this blog not unite us all? Of course we chronicled the existence of Jay the Joke last week, which helped prompt this mention in the Chicago Tribune, which is always good:

But as comprehensive as we've been on the Mariotti-Guillen story, Jay the Joke is still the only site in which you gain access by "clicking on Jay Mariotti's smug face." It is the only site with posts entitled "Guillen Apologizes to every Homosexual except Jay," and "In Which Jay Tries, Once Again, To Sit On Mark Cuban's Face." And in today's post, "Desperate Column From A Desperate Man," the author reports that Mariotti is turning to old Chicago sports standby Michael Jordan to salve his wounds.


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