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MediaBistro's Fishbowl NY blog points out a brand new feature on Sirius Satellite Radio: It's Wimbeldon on the radio!

We've never listened to tennis on the radio, though, as Fishbowl points out, it probably has a lot of, "the exchange continues" and "he hits hit ... and a return ... he hits it back ..."


This got us to thinking: What would be the most pointless sports to listen to online? Golf is obviously pretty tough, but last time we listened to satellite radio, there was a whole channel devoted to golf, so we could be wrong on that one. Bowling's pretty rough, but at least you get the sound of the pins rattling and an announcer yelling "STRIKE!"

No, we'd have to think the worst is pretty much any Winter Olympic sport other than hockey. How does one broadcast skiing on the radio? Curling? Figure skating? Does anyone have the rights to this? We think it's worth hearing sometime, just for fun.

Wimbeldon Play-By-Play [FishbowlNY]