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Uh Oh: This Meaningless NBA Ranking Has Kobe Bryant Fans, The Biggest Losers In The World, Up In Arms

Photo: Harry How (Getty Images)

In an effort to fill space in the period of the year when nothing’s going on in the world of basketball, released its All-Decade teams for the 2010s era. Kobe Bryant was placed on the third All-Decade team, and this caused Kobe Bryant fans, possibly the most wretched group of people affiliated with anything related to pro basketball—excluding the Knicks—to get a little grumpy over their favorite guy being excluded from the first and second teams. Look out, buster!

In what was surely an act of charity, chose to slot the dregs of Bryant’s career in Los Angeles alongside Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and LaMarcus Aldridge.


But to the Kobe fan, a creation that miraculously combines the odiousness of a Lakers fan with the paralyzing insecurity of any hockey fan, the network failed to pay enough respect to the part of Bryant’s career when he was on one good leg and always finding new ways to loathe his teammates. Even though there’s no point in arguing whether Kobe deserved to be on the third, second, or first team, since this is a made-up exercise, that didn’t stop the Kobe faithful from pulling out their cracked phone screens and using their smelly thumbs to moan about disrespect.


Wow. Pathetic!

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