Since apparently there's some new traffic coming here today, from perhaps the least likely of sources, we felt it important to introduce newcomers with a little glimpse of what we're all about. And that, friends, is, of course, the great Carl Monday. We're the guy at the computer. Really. That's us. Bad day for us, totally.

Watch the video if you haven't seen it, or just take it in for all its glory once more if you have. Welcome, newcomers: It's nothing but voyeurs here. Dirty, filthy, voyeurs. Beware all those who enter through these doors! Thou soul might never be as pure again!


In all seriousness, though, we welcome you, People Who Didn't Realize There Were Sports Sites That Weren't ESPN. You don't have to be in their hold anymore. Ever heard of Free Darko? How about The Mighty MJD? The Dugout? Aw. You haven't? You've been missing out. You've been stuck with the Baylesses, and the Stuart Scotts, and the other dolts? Come with us. It's safe here. Welcome: We're all friends here.

Oh, and:

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He ... Could ... Go ... All ... The .. Way [Deadspin]