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New York Giants Get Tired Of Mike Francesa Telling Them They Stink, Cut Ties With His Show

Mike Francesa has really stepped in it this time. The sleepy goofus had a standing weekly interview with New York Giants head coach Pat Shurmur every Monday on WFAN, but the relationship between grouchy radio host and grouchy organization has reached its breaking point. Shurmur said today he will no longer appear on the show.


“That was an organizational decision not to do that,” Shurmur said. “Most people aren’t aware of this, but I wasn’t contractually obligated to do that spot. We did it as a courtesy and out of respect for our relationship with the radio station.” That respect seems to have vanished.

The breaking point happened in this week’s interview. Following the Giants’ home loss to the Bills, Francesa let Shurmur have it. “I hate to say it,” he said, “but you look like a terrible team.” (For the first time ever, he’s not wrong.)

Since his return to WFAN, Francesa has sniped at the organization. When Eli Manning stopped appearing on the show in April of this year, the host chalked that decision up to the quarterback’s fear of losing his starting job. Though Francesa has long defended Manning, he has not done the same for his team.

When the Giants picked QB Daniel Jones with the sixth pick in the 2019 draft, Francesa was utterly beside himself. He took issue with another draft selection, bizarrely criticizing the Giants for failing to pick “great-character guys” because their sixth-round pick, cornerback Corey Ballentine, was shot. The characterization of a player who was the victim of a shooting as a lowlife who makes the Giants look bad obviously angered Ballentine’s family, and Ballentine’s father ripped Francesa in the New York Post. That should’ve been the last straw, because accurately assessing the Giants as a crummy team to Shurmur’s face is tame by comparison.

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