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Matt Barkley's Interception Was A Perfectly Bills Way To Lose

The question surrounding the end of Patriots-Bills wasn’t so much a matter of how Buffalo was going to use its final drive to complete the shocking upset at home, but rather how spectacularly the team would fuck things up. Even after Tom Brady and the rest of the New England squad tried time after time to just hand the game over, the Bills had a secret weapon that the Patriots just couldn’t account for: Matt Fucking Barkley.


Because of an injury to Josh Allen (who was hot garbage on the day anyway), it was up to the seven-year veteran—who’s put together exactly zero game-winning drives in his professional career—to try and be the hero. You can guess where this is going: the Bills’ final play of the game was a throw so bad that it seemed a perfect example of Barkley’s skill. Thankfully, replay vindicated him and showed his elbow hit Kyle Van Noy’s helmet.

Still bad, though! It’s a shame that this ended up such a spectacular failure, because we would otherwise be focusing on Brady’s day ending with one interception and just 150 yards. Looks like Sean McDermott chased away those Pats assistants for nothing.

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