Due to the ongoing wussification of American culture at the hands of liberal snowflakes, crunching, destructive hits have mostly been pulled out of highlight packages, if not out of sports altogether. Gone are the days when you could look forward to Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin cackling sadistically at a replay of a defenseless receiver having several years if not whole decades taken off the end of his life by an earth-rattling knockout hit. Nowadays they kick guys out of the NFL for those kinds of hits!

We here at Deadspin believe there is still a place in sports for merciless, ruinous blindside killshots, where a stone-cold defender absolutely flattens and destroys his mark, earning the thunderous applause of an appreciative audience. Here is one such hit, on the tarmac at O’Hare International Airport, delivered by a quick-thinking airport worker to the broadside of a runaway beverage supply cart:


No word on whether the cart was put through the airport’s concussion protocol.