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The Jaguars Don't Seem All That Interested In Trading Jalen Ramsey

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It’s been more than two weeks since All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey requested a trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars, and even though he hasn’t been playing much football in the meantime, he seems to be getting further and further away from his goal.


Ramsey has been out of practice all week with a back injury, one of a few ailments that has mostly kept him off the field since making his request. Meanwhile, team owner Shad Khan decided to answer some questions about Ramsey’s status with the team, and he doesn’t seem too keen on trading his star cornerback. From the AP:

“Obviously, football is a team sport and I’m sensitive to what individual insight or viewpoint or requests (there) might be,” Khan said. “But we have to do the right thing for the team. We value the values Jalen adds to us, to the Jaguars. I think we value him highly. We’re still looking at what is the right thing for the Jaguars, and I think right now the best thing is to have him be part of the team.”

This came after ESPN insider Adam Schefter went on the radio and predicted that Ramsey won’t be moved this year:

Given that Ramsey’s relationship with the Jags’ front office has clearly soured—he made his request after having a heated conversation with VP of football operations Tom Coughlin, in which he claims “some disrespectful things were said”—it’s surprising to see the organization believing that they can either smooth things over or get Ramsey back to playing at a high level while denying his request. Maybe they’re just counting on his hatred of Tom Coughlin to motivate him to play even harder? It worked for the Giants, right?