We'll have more NBA Draft preview stuff later today, but until then, we happily show off this photo from The Realests, which we can guarantee you showed up on the dorm wall of some happy Washington Jesuit.

To kick off your draft preview business, though, you are hearby instructed to head directly to True Hoop, which is absolutely destroying today. They've got huge previews up of unconventional picks like Mardy Collins, Dan Grunfeld and even one from us, about our boy Dee Brown. True Hoop was invented for days like this, and if you're into the NBA Draft, it's where you should be spending your day today. (Though come back by here and say hi, OK?)


TrueHoop Draft Day [True Hoop]
Adam Morrison, The New Face Of Marxism [The Realests]

(By the way, it's also Russ Granik's last night too. Sad.)