So at Siena University College, there's a basketball player who's trying to be let out of his scholarship so he can transfer; if the University doesn't let him out, he'll have to pay his own tuition for the first year, wherever he goes. The player, Kojo Mensah, is running out of options and time, so he turned to the one hero we have left in this world, the one man we can count on in times of strife: Louis Gossett Jr.!.

"If we uncover that there's some thing scandalous going on, I can help because of my notoriety," Gossett said in a phone interview from Los Angeles. "I can call directly to Bryant Gumbel, Bob Costas and Ahmad Rashad."

First off, we have absolutely no doubt that Louis Gossett Jr. has Bob Costas on his speed dial. No question. Second, Gossett's year-old charitable foundation is called "Eracism Foundation," it's a year old and its goal is "salvation for the planet." Which is precisely what we're talking about when we're talking about college basketball.

Honestly ... only Louis Gossett Jr. can save us all.

I Want YOU To Let Mensah Walk [Albany Times-Union]