One thing anyone watching the NBA Draft tonight should be ready for? Many extreme closeups of Adam Morrison's mustache, inexplicably the centerpiece of NBA Live '07's advertising campaign. You've all been warned.

Obviously, the NBA Draft is perfect for the Internet, and even though we're going to be otherwise occupied, we're going to sneak away and check out some of the great live-blogs following the proceedings.


True Hoop has to be everyone's first stop; they're going to be killing it all night and probably deep into the morning. Free Darko will have some sort of madness, and Awful Announcing will be looking at the TV side of matters. Also expect The Association to pipe up. And if you're looking for access, Mr. Irrelevant is on the scene, along with the esteemed J.E. Skeets. The Hawks are blogging live from the war room. And say what you will about the guy, but Bill Simmons' Running Draft Diary has been a staple of this Web world since before most of us knew how to use HTML.

So yeah, should be a fun night: Now, about Dee Brown ...

(By the way, someone brought up earlier today that they didn't know of any NBA Draft drinking games, and we couldn't find any on the Web either. Anybody want to come up with some?)

(UPDATE: OK, so maybe we forgot to read the Quickie this morning.)