Earlier today we introduced you (and several NBA GMs, no doubt) to Knicks' No. 1 draft pick Renaldo Balkman. We'd like to formerly thank Isiah Thomas for making this selection, as it makes our job here so much easier than if he, say, picked someone logical. Knicks' fans, however, are not quite as happy. In fact, have you ever seen a Grizzly bear after a seagull has stolen its salmon? Yeah, like that. Let's take a look:

• "And with the 20th pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, the New York Knickerbockers select Renaldo Balkman, SF out of South Carolina. Projected as a late second rounder, possibly even undrafted, but Zeke spent the #20 on him. Darius Miles isn't even that good! And we got the POOR MAN'S Darius Miles? At least his name kinda sounds like that of a former Knick (Rolando Blackmon). Ok, just shoot me and get it over with." [Father Knickerbocker]


• "It only gets stranger for the Knicks. They drafted pedestrian point Mardy Collins out of Temple at #29 which isn't bad on it's own but is completely bizarre since, if you wanted a point guard, guys like Marcus Williams, Kyle Lowry, Rajon Rondo, and Jordan Farmar, were available when the Knicks took Renaldo Balkman at #20 instead." [HoopsJunkie]

• "Say it with me now ... who's Renaldo Balkman?" [TrueHoop]

• "As long time readers of the blog know, I LOVE Balkman and think he will be a good NBA player. But picking him at 20 is ridiculous. Balkman, when not playing Humpty Hump's body double, seemed to have a little bit of support from Spike Lee who kept insisting he was a "sleeper", but I dont even know if Spike believed it. You know that no one believes in you when the considerate Jay Bilas continually makes fun of you. Long live the Humpty Hump!!!!" [KentuckySportsRadio]


• "So my beloved but troubled Knicks choose Renaldo Balkman in tonight's NBA Draft. Wait ... didn't we already have that guy ten years ago?" [Sugar, Mr. Poon?]

• "I am officially done!" — commenter on [Knickerblogger.Net]

Isiah Thomas' Secret Genius [Deadspin]

(Oh, and Simmons obviously had a lot of fun with this too.)