Back in April, we told you about "The Beer Belly," a contraption that allowed you to sneak beer into stadiums through a fake beer gut. You would then drink there beer through a tube, or something like that.

Well, this week, Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly, who never met a wacky conceit he couldn't accompany with googly-eyed photos, heading to a Dodgers game wearing the device. That's amusing enough, of course — his column has a few chuckles — but what's priceless are the absolute ridiculous photo gallery shots that accompany the story. We certainly hope these are all staged shots, because if they're not, the notion having a conversation with Reilly would be too scary to undertake.


Neverminding the fact that the gallery has several closeup shots of Reilly's crotch. Oh well: At least he's not wearing a dress.

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