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It's a story that San Diego anchorman Ron Burgundy would have been all over like a polyester suit: We were surprised to learn this morning that Jose Canseco has agreed to play minor league baseball with the San Diego Surf Dawgs. Surprised, only because, naturally, we assumed his next move would be professional wrestling. But Gas Lamp Ball was the first to inform us that Canseco will suit up on Monday in an away game against the Chico Outlaws, having signed on to play the rest of the season for the Independent Golden League team. Cheap publicity stunt on the part of the Golden League? Sure. Desperate plea for attention by Canseco? Yeah. But on the other hand, how can this not be fun? Consider these details:

• Canseco will not only DH for the Surf Dawgs, he will also be a relief pitcher. And feature a knuckleball.
• His agreement with the league includes plans for a Jose Canseco line of apparel.
• Canseco will play for the league maximum of $2,500 per month, and will "participate in interactive events with fans and kids at all of the League's ballparks," according to the Surf Dawgs' Web site.
Steroid tells us that the Golden League has a strict drug testing policy. Perhaps that will be one of the interactive kids' activities?
• Jose is still Jose. When AP called him for a comment on Thursday, they got this message: "Hello, Jose Canseco. I have lost my cell phone. If you can, please leave a number when you call. Thank you."

So anyway, Canseco with the Surf Dawgs. You stay classy, San Diego!

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Oh, and you can listen to Monday's game right here.